The mere mention of a clown elicits mix feelings of delight and inquisitiveness about their appearance. These thoughts immediately shift everyone’s attention to a circus show.

When circus shows flourished all over the world, the clowns became integral parts of our lives. They formed the core team- they would organize the show and protect the other performers. Through their pranks, they left a lasting impression on the minds of children and adults alike. We learned from the clowns, to effectively balance serious life situations while carrying on with our daily activities.

However, it was so until about fifty years ago. The appearance of clowns faded as circus shows declined. They would occasionally appear on screen, or in memory. I really feel today’s children are deprived of the circus shows of yesteryears that offered both educational and entertaining content.

A circus has many kinds of performers, but the clowns dominate my thoughts, having left an indelible mark on my life. Ever wondered why the image of a clown captures more of our attention and warms our hearts? Is it about their clumsy attire, strange behavior, or unique styles? No, I do not believe they are the only reasons.

I think each one of us has a clown inside us. Humans are not stereotypes. The uniqueness of human variations capture our attention- we admire, or silently rejoice in splendor. This philosophical link connects us to variations under the guise of unknown pleasure.

The clownish behavior that contrasts with our own instantly draws us to them. The oddities bring in delight. From this vantage point, I believe the clown is deathless!

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