There are people who stay silent in sorrow. Just so their loved ones don’t feel disturbed to see them sad, they keep things to themselves.

Life is strange- when one is happy, people come and participate, but when one is depressed, people do not care.

Most people from our generation are struggling in their lives, be it for career, health or for any other reasons. And they do not discuss their battles because everyone else also seems to be going through the same cycle.

It is hard to stay mute when we give up, being unable to find a solution to our problems. Because not talking about our issues with our families makes us feel suffocated. We do not somehow understand what to do- how to overcome it. And when this happens, we sulk more and our dejections sometimes take us the wrong path.

In my opinion, we should write off our silence to brawl our battles with a strong voice. We should break the chain and start encouraging people to discuss their issues with their loved ones who can guide them in a better way and find the best solutions for them when they can’t!

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  1. Well said Richa.. this this an issue we live with and need to be discussed.. as you said it is important to open up and share our struggles and concerns with our loved ones not just the happy parts of our lives talking to the people we trust to help us get through difficult times so many cases people can’t get through hard times alone ..people need each other all the time in the good and the bad..thank you for this article and reminding me and others to open up when they feel trapped <3

  2. Absolutely the right time to be reading this, everyone needs to have some empathy for those who are quietly walking beside each one of us. The best of times can be tough for someone. It is important to communicate, social interaction is the key to mental health, which in turn is essential for success and happiness.
    As usual, a lightly written, sensitive comment on a very important aspect of our lives.😊

  3. Mental and emotional health are soo important.. its really sad to see the lack of awareness, at the same time im so happy to see more people talking about these issues. SPEAK UP..there’s no shame in being depressed or sad.. everyone goes through difficult times… speaking, expressing, understanding, accepting and listening among family and friends with no judgement is crucial.

    Keep up the good work Richa, love it when you write about things not many speak about!

  4. This article touched me in a different way during a very difficult time.. it is very true. we should speak and let our feelings out with the right people who understand and care.. as mentioned in the comment above from Namrata that there will always be someone who cares. Great article richa

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