“Drown” is an incredible track produced by Canada-based renowned music artist Dabin Lee, co-written by Nashville-born singer-songwriter John-Luke Carter, aka Mokita, who has also lent his voice to this song.

Released just a day ago- April 9, 2021, the song was announced by Dabin and Mokita by way of their tweets on March 31, 2021- quite naturally their fans couldn’t wait any longer for this day.

Drown is an emotionally evoking song. Reaching out and encouraging a dear one, who is heartbroken, and perhaps reticent- the song starts with:

In your eyes
I see there that you’re not telling me tonight
And you’re not safe
You still have the fight
To make it through this darkness
To heal this broken heart
That keeps you far from home
Going further, through the song the words….
When you’re reaching out
I’ll never let you drown
sound reassuring, making a promise of sorts to the one drowning in challenges that you got my back, that I am standing by your side no matter what.
The timing of the song is so right- just when we are still fighting crisis amid the pandemic, this dark period is just about time we care to check on and save our loved ones.
A beautiful melody, heartening lyrics, and Mokita’s calming voice in “Drown” are sure to soothe you in many ways.
Listen to the song here…

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