Hush now,
you’ve let it all out,
there’s nothing you can do.

Hush now,
for they won’t believe,
even if you cut your heart open for them to see.

Oh hush now,
don’t hurt yourself with these tears,
for they mean nothing to the one you’re letting them out for.

Oh hush my dear,
for the world fails to see,
all that you’ve done right.

Oh hush my dear,
don’t break your own heart,
with all these silent expectations.

Oh hush now,
and let’s go back to smothering,
those tender emotions in the womb.

Oh hush my dear,
you don’t want the world to see,
how it has broken you to cleave a piece.

Oh hush my dear,
hush now,
let’s let the wandering mind sleep!

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