Kentucky-based pop-rock duo, Rags And Riches have released their newest single, “Crossfire”. Formed in 2017, Rags And Riches consist of brothers Tanner and Peyton Whitt. The brothers have used their time these past 4 years to cultivate a sound and style true to their artistic vision and passion.

In February 2019, Rags And Riches released their debut single, “Speed of Sound”, which impressively amassed over 750,000 Spotify streams. In subsequent releases “Arrival,” “X,” “War City,” “Not A Stranger,” “Light It Up,” and “Edge of Time,” the brothers experimented with genre-blending crossovers.

Crossfire is nothing short of an anthem, powerful enough to transport listeners into another world. This track starts off strong with an intensely passionate, fast-paced verse; enough to keep listeners hooked from the very beginning. It was the chorus that spoke to my soul, as it seemingly tells a story of breaking free and embracing challenges that come with change.

Rags And Riches certainly embraced their heavier side on this track. The music video is set to release on March 19th. Directed and produced by Austin Barron, the video takes us on a swift journey, telling a tale of two midwestern gangs caught in battle.

The brothers are devoted to Jackson’s Aces, a gang lead by Ashton Johnson’s character, Jackson Wild. Peyton Whitt stars as Machine; a hot-tempered conman. Machine will stop at nothing to make Jackson’s Aces the most notorious gang of all time. Tanner Whitt stars as Captain, the sharp-witted mastermind of the group.

Cody Morgan plays Jebediah Winter, a cold-blooded assassin who got tangled up on his hunt for Jackson’s blood. Suspenseful combat scenes culminate in the ultimate cliffhanger towards the end of the video.

Crossfire has been released across all major streaming platforms on March 5.

Verified Link : Apple Music

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