How many of you believe in God?

There is a way to build our belief just by keeping our hopes & spirits high. Belief is strong faith, a promise that is made to us by someone special, that He must fulfill, no matter what happens in life.

I strongly state that if you love and trust someone, just keep on holding your trust. I know this sounds much easier to say than to do.

Elders say “don’t give up”, but there comes a melting point in life, when we just wish to end everything. But that is not how life goes on. The word BELIEF is so powerful that several people only live with the faith that things will make sense at their own time, but how do we make our heart understand if we don’t get what we desire in life? What is your viewpoint on belief?

On the other hand, there is an imaginary world that some adults and children believe in. This world is more like a fantasy, where they tend to forget the real world. Children create an imagination when they think everything is fun and real. They are immature, so they dream that their goals can be achieved under any circumstances. In a way, being a toddler is great, because they don’t understand the feelings of their loved ones. What is your opinion about this?

All in all, everyone has a different perspective in life. These two important aspects means a lot to me in my life. I believe that there is not an imaginary world really, it is only for children. As adults, we should be firm on our beliefs!

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  1. Faith, they say, is the highest faculty of logic. It is beyond logic, and a deep faith as you clarify, is belief.
    Sometimes, these discussions can keep going on in circles, but you managed to clarify very well!

  2. I believe everything has a meaning, and a reason for it to happen. I also believe that those bad horrifying experiences we go through are lessons, an experience where we get out of it with so much growth and wisdom and sometimes its a call to redirect us. We are never the same people before bad experiences. Whatever God plan is for us its for the best. He knows and we have no clue no matter how much we think we know.

    That is my belief in these matters.

  3. I feel that Faith in God or anything for that matter is fine but not blind faith .
    Love your articles Richa ..hugs 🤗

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