I fell in love with you,
even before I saw you.
I nurtured you,
even before you realized your form.
I cried tears of joy, even in pain,
as I first held you close to my heart.
I left you loose,
yet, held you in vigil.
I let you stumble,
but ensured the mat was in place.
I tried finding answers,
to all questions you could possibly ask.
I had dewy eyes, on seeing you jump in joy every time you excelled.
I turned off the world,
only to make you all my world.

Also I did upset you-
when I didn’t allow you to have more of those candies, chocolates and ice-creams,
when I left you to struggle with assignments by yourself,
when I pushed you into situations so you could learn,
when I advised you against some friends,
when I stopped you from going to that party,
when I sent you in a different direction on seeing you going off-track.

That hurt me as well,
And I hope on all of those memories,
you would never dwell.

For today, I want you to know-
that I tried to find a balance,
that I always, and only did it out of love,
that I wanted you also to only love everyone,
for your own happiness,
that I only did it for your good,
that I wanted you to be kind and smiling always,
that I wanted you to take ownership,
that I wanted you to be a better version of what you ever wanted to be!

And I wish, when you move ahead-
and when you think of me,
you understand me,
and love me back, will you?

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