They say, “This too shall pass”,
She asks, “When?”

They say, “C’mon…now cheer up”,
She says, “Yes, I sure love being this sad, but now that you insist…..”

They say, “What is coming is better than what’s gone”,
She asks, “Did we know when this was coming, that it was no good?”

They say, “Everyone faces issues”,
She says, “I am not everyone.”

They say, “Tomorrow will be a better day”,
She says, “But how do I pass today?”

They say, “I know, I have been through it too”
She says, “No, you don’t know, don’t try to relate with me, you don’t feel the way I do.”

Sometimes, no matter how good the intent of the motivator is, their over-optimistic and/or encouraging words aren’t exactly what the pained need in that moment.

You can’t be motivating all the time. It seems only rosy and fake. You must get real and try and understand people and their situations. In the first place, you might not even know their stories. And even if you might know, you may not know the complete story and even if you think you do, you do not feel it as they do.

And the difference really is that you are not them and they are not you.

Sometimes we should accept that injustice and unfairness come in peoples way.
Sometimes we should just acknowledge the fact that we are all different.
Sometimes we should just listen.
Sometimes we just need to share with them that we love them, and assure them that we will be with them.

Sometimes I am ‘THEY’, sometimes I am ‘SHE’, sometimes I just see things like I am seeing them now, in the present state…from outside.

These are all lessons to learn- for us more than them, for us to be able to help them sail through, if we really want to!

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