“I wish I had taken up that job”,
“I should have chosen to do that instead”,
“I wish I had bought the stock earlier”,
“Perhaps we would excel if we had capitalized on that opportunity”,
“We should have hired that candidate”;
these are some of the conversations most of us would have had with our minds or with people at some time.

While some of this is after careful consideration, some others we overlook in impulse, or miscalculate. I believe that we lose out on a lot of good things, people, opportunities because we don’t give them a fair chance- personally and professionally. Perhaps because we lack patience, or have choices, or we do not challenge our judgments, opinions and perspectives at that moment, or maybe we do not give others the benefit of doubt.

Many of us go by our past experiences- not realizing that every new experience could be different and thought altering. Many of us go by our intuition, which in my opinion may not always be right.

In the professional realm, most organizations have set processes and systems that quite often become redundant, that can and must be challenged and constantly innovated, but we comply with established approaches without questioning.

For some of the above reasons, and for many more, quite often, we miss out on pursuing the ones that would add value to us. Gradually, over time, we might grow to realize that we took those situations or people only at face value, we should have probed a little deeper to really understand the different quirks or traits to make a more calculated decision.

All in all, we need to broaden our outlook and never undermine the dynamics of the human psyche and our ever-changing evolutionary world, coz the direction we take, is what sets the way ahead.

You decide!

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