The road is foggiest right after the end. That’s how I always viewed it, the uncertainty of what to do next blocking the horizon, and the newly obtained void inside the soul letting in the coldest winds inside. That’s one way to look at loss, or endings, or however you feel like calling it.

Another way would be a perfect sunset, you know darkness is going to be here soon, but you’re certain the stars will guide you, you’re positive the moon will draw a smile on your face, you know that even if it’ll be dark, it can still be enjoyable.

Both perspectives bump into similar ideas at the end, that great unknown, that “what next“ question that haunts you, that emptiness, that workload you think will get you out of it. But none of it works, because to reach a target it has to be clear. Like a bird you can see and admire as it flies, you don’t have to look twice to know it’s a bird; your aim should be that clear.

If your aim after an ending is to work on yourself, that’s what you need to focus on, put daily goals, assign tasks you would like to be skilled in getting done, but don’t run into different directions chasing new highs. Take it slowly, and remember you can’t ensure that you have space inside your heart for something new if you’re not complete.

So, my friend, my advice to you would be to move on slowly. Don’t expect it to happen overnight, and never link it to the appearance of someone or something new in your life. Link it to progress, to improvement and to success, and most importantly, link it to how proud you are of yourself!

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