‘Only One’ is a song by Philly born producer- DJ Joseph Torre aka MitiS, featuring Drowsy in the vocals. The duo wrote the song and released it on September 25, 2020.

MitiS starts the track with slow-paced music as Drowsy joins in with a similar pace in her soft vocals. The music and vocals pick up, and the feels intensify as the lyrics narrate a tale of uncertainty, insecurity, and vulnerability coming from a relationship that seems to be on the fence. There is love, but also alongside are thoughts like everything is a lie making one question self in guilt, tired, falling, failing, and giving up in love.

You will be swayed as the song takes you forward, gripping you with its appetizing music and the intoxicating vocal quality. The drops in the track are particularly fascinating. A sad song, yet ‘Only One’ is incredibly inviting and refreshing in some way- a perfect MitiS creation!

Listen to the song here…

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