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Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience in womanhood. Every woman in this world has the desire to be a mother- it makes her feel complete. Her journey feels amazing once she becomes a mother herself for the first time.

She cares, loves, and protects her child in the womb for 9 months even as she goes through various hardships- mood swings, feeling low, restless, the morning sickness and more. This is the time when the woman needs a lot of care and whole hearted support from her family and friends the most.

No matter the fact that a woman gets more patient and stronger in pregnancy, her social support system also holds importance by strengthening her in mind and body for her upcoming labor pain and childbirth.

Life is a bliss for women going through these special feelings, something that cannot be put in words. However, there are some women who cannot conceive and consider themselves unlucky, but they should not give up. If there are challenges in conception, in present times we have alternative choices to have children. An informed choice can be made after calculated considerations by the family.

Everything put together, we should be thankful to God that He gave this blessing to women- bringing a new life into the world, becoming the ‘mother’ and nurturing with all her love!


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