It was in 1993 when the internet came along for the public, and we were all excited. We thought it would keep us well informed and updated, that our lives would become so much easier because all the information we needed would be available in just a moment, at the hit of a click. It would add so much value.

And well, it did, and it still does for many of us. But even while we derive value and achieve from it, so much of what we do is meaningless and wasted- coming from distractions and voids.

Really, it’s easy to enjoy social media, the internet, and its works from our comfort, but to create a body of work of lasting value is hard. And then we find a way to blame the same thing we were once thankful for.

That happens in just about anything in our lives…relationships, jobs, opportunities- we lay ourselves too much into anything, and that works..seems like commitment and dedication at first, but gradually works adversely.

And this is us, and this is just how funny everything can get!

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