We should learn to pray with an open heart and mind, because we make a prayer with pure intentions of fulfilling our needs and wants. Our life is based on believing in the truth that a prayer can do miracles that are beyond our expectations. We should put our efforts in praying to God so that He isn’t left with the choice to not grant our desires. People who seek God’s help are never left empty-handed. Our customs and beliefs play a great role in our lives.

My opinion about prayer is that we should continue doing our part in praying and leave everything in God’s hands because He knows what is best for us. There are things which we could get much later in life, but that doesn’t mean our wishes won’t ever come true. I am hoping that we all trust ourselves so we can achieve anything in our lives by putting all our hard work in accomplishing our goals. Life is too short to have negative thinking and for not believing in our prayers. We should wait patiently in the belief that one day God will listen to all our prayers and bless us in a way that exceeds our expectations!

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