Tired of sitting in our homes due to the pandemic in the last many days, we are tempted to travel though. Every summer we wait eagerly for breaks from our schools, jobs or hectic schedules so that we go holidaying to our favorite destinations and explore the beauty. This year completely varies from previous years and none of us ever thought that this kind of situation could come up in our lives.

We can’t travel and visit our loved ones, or even reach to help in emergencies. There are countless people wanting to travel to their hometowns to visit their families, but they just cannot go. Some of these people are so poor that they can barely afford to eat, and this Covid-19 had made their conditions worse.

Everyone, including adults and children, feel helpless and find it hard coping up with this challenging situation- Some bored following the same routine. All they do is eat, sleep, and watch movies or television.

The whole world has turned upside down for everyone and it is becoming tough to see this daily. People are stuck up and are anxiously looking to find a solution, but unfortunately, nothing can be done unless the vaccine is made available.

This disease has created a great impact on tourists and travel globally. The tourism industry worldwide has taken a hit. We hope and pray that this pandemic gets over soon and we can start to travel again!

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