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Delete, delete, delete-
that’s what we have been doing all along.
Writings, memories, people- we have been deleting them all;
on impulse- going by the mood at that time.

But that was raw,
that was real,
that is what made us who we are,
that is what brought us here.

So what if we didn’t fit in the box?
It takes courage to be different.
Standing out makes us remarkable,
fitting in is only ordinary.

So what if it shows us as feeble-minded?
We gave, we helped
and healed them,
so we only showed our might.

So what if we made mistakes?
Everyone does- but we realized,
we derived a lesson or two,
so why should we regret.

So what if it hurts to revisit?
We will accept and reconcile.
We will outgrow it,
by loving and nurturing ourselves.

Walking away is easy,
but we will hold on to them, be in charge-
of those thoughts, writings and memories,
that we once so cherished.

So if we ever revisit them in our sensitive moments,
we will try to square off with each,
we will advance with a smile,
coz only when we learn to make peace, we breed!

Do not delete!

  1. Beautiful narration, Nida. I can relate, the words, emotions touching the heart in the right place.

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