It was in this month that she finally realized that one can never have everything one wishes for- the cold unsettling reality of life. She related to this month very strongly- the bleak weather, the misty gray clouds.

The hidden sun, fighting its way out of clouds reminded her of how suffocating life could be, when it seemed so beautiful to any other onlooker. The unbearably long, cold, desolate nights that were once filled with her broken sobs and aching heart, were now filled with a haunting silence. The impregnated clouds loomed overhead, mulling over the thought of unleashing what they held. The low rumbling in the clouds forewarned of the storm coming ahead, and her broken heart awaited the sound of the rain splattering against the window amid the howling wind making her feel light in her overburdened soul.

Because when November Rains, it somehow takes away her pain, taking a part of the tragedy along with its gushing wind. It takes away her screams and somehow changes its chords crashing into other sound waves, and turns her agonizing ear-deafening wail into a harmonious melody leaving her numb. It goes on for days, continuously. And sometimes it happens once every few days. But the longing stays, ruining the most perfect moments- creeping out of nowhere, dimming her bright smile. But life goes on and eventually the mind-numbing pain turns into a scar doing nothing more than just causing itch upon extreme scratching!

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