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We find several moments charming, and we fill them in our lives with special memories. Life is a wonderful journey that brings us amazing occasions that can be captured by a camera, and we can go in flashback whenever we want to. Every small moment turns out to be lovely just by adding a bit of laughter and a little smile to it.

And then there are days where we feel depressed and tired of life, but we should remember that we can create great memories by changing our attitude towards positivity, no matter how hard it is.

There are stages in our lives which help us share things making them more precious as we connect back with those times. A spark is lit up when the flow of these cherished memories come alive!

  1. I believe that whats keeps us going on our low days is the memory of good times and the hope of better days… i hope all your days are filled with love and happy memories. God bless

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