I stood there on top of the hill, mesmerized by the hues of vibrant valleys- the barrenness of the mountains wrapped in the playful rays of the sun’s muffled morning yawn, and the release of the nights’ darkness withholding its last breath in a slow and exaggerated sigh- a satisfied sigh. The softness of foamy white clouds forming opaque fog as the Morningstar stands in between the two opposites, shrouded in a beautiful mystery of its own with unexplored dimensions- the one that is easily ignored but when it holds your attention, it captivates you regardless of who you are and where you are from. It tends to imprison you in its innocence and playfulness.

I let my mind wander with these thoughts and I find the resemblance between you and the Morningstar undeniable- the mountains resembling your rigid and strong independent self, while the vibrantly fresh valleys just like your soothingly soft nature. It all blends beautifully- high up in the clouds, out of reach yet so close. It spills its light like you spill your love and yet it’s shrouded in a mystery of its own.

I look at you and I feel like I’ve known you all my life- or perhaps even before that, somewhere in another realm our souls looked at each other and smiled because we knew that we’ll find each other again in unknown circumstances and bring about the much-needed serenity in each other’s life. And we may just be, in some way, cherishing a feeble link or strengthening an unbreakable bond. But there is no doubt about you being a part of my life, like there is never a doubt about the star being in the sky- whether it’s hidden by the clouds, or on a clear night sky.. you know with certainty that it’s there. A promise of forever with no second guesses.

You’re, to me, imperfectly perfect. Your existence obscures all the darkness surrounding my life and brings forth a desire to be a better person, and a sense of calmness that can soothe all of the agitated nerves in just a matter of minutes and restore all the peace within. You balance all the turbulences by being the much-needed anchor when it is needed. And I know deep down in my heart, that I am never going to find anyone like you again. I hope and pray that I never have to look for someone like you because you’re everything I have ever wanted, unknowingly, and I wish you could see that someday- that I love you today and I always will. For you are my morningstar, the one and only!

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