She was staring at the mirror,
with a pensive smile,
pressed with her thoughts,
and whimpering.
Her nights were getting darker-
no stars, no moon, no dreams.

Tears ran in rivulet down her face,
the curvy strait merged them
right at her rosy lips.
The briny tang of the droplets
brought her back to reality.
She pressed her lips,
they were crushed and bled.
The teardrops mixed with blood,
giving a pungent briny flavour-
the dark and impure blood,
offal and obsolete.

She stared at it for longer than usual,
yes, it had happened at times,
but she’d never noticed it, until now.
The saline metallic blood
was adding flavor to her pleasure.
She bit her lips harder this time,
and tasted every drop of blood,
with much more passion than ever.
Something was crushing her inside-
her veins were stretching,
eyes were burning,
ears were piercing and
skin was peeling off.

The blazing scarlet was now,
running down to her chin.
She stared into her eyes,
they were wild yet beautiful.
She closed them,
the rusty blood was tasting strange this time-
not tangy, but sweet and fresh.
When she opened her eyes,
one last time,
everything was clotted and purple!

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