Everyone is conscious about their weight these days, they tend to follow various diet charts. On the other hand, they love trying variety in food too. They can’t control themselves when it comes to food which reminds me of this phrase, “No pain, No gain”.

I am going to list some of the ways to control our diet for weight loss:

  • Workout everyday, include stretches for better flexibility
  • Eat a balanced diet which includes fruits, salads such as quinoa one, and vegetables
  • Drink lots of water
  • Avoid fried and junk food
  • Spend some time in sunlight for Vitamin D which is good for us
  • Home-cooked food is better than eating from restaurants
  • Go for jogging and morning walk daily

Weight loss is one of the pressing issues now in the world and everyone is doing what they feel is right for them. I suggest, we follow a healthy and safe diet which works best for our body and mind. People will try brainwashing you to try new diets but don’t get yourself trapped!

Best ways to deal with diet and weight loss
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  1. Everyone is beautiful just the way they are. The only image everyone should achieve is being healthy in my opinion. Love this article.

  2. Forget about “how you look” stay healthy and you’ll glow inside out. And i always say if working out is hard for you, move around be active. Read, solves puzzles.. being active isn’t just for the body its for the brain too.

    Excellent topics Richa! Real topics we encounter on a daily basis. Keep up the good work!

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