A few days ago I watched a movie and didn’t really think anything special would cling to my mind after watching it, until I heard the line “you have no interest in changing a world that suits you so well”. The words surrounded me and I froze, “Could that quote fit me? Am I really changing the world or am I becoming a part of it?”

Whenever I use social media my mind gets blown by the infinite number of motivational videos and quotes with people trying to influence us to be better; and the thought, that we’re all united and humane and understanding, hits me. However, if we really are what we preach, how is it that racism, bullying, harassment, and violence are invading our streets? Who is the preacher and who is the criminal? Are we posting our dreams that are far fetched? Or are we really trying?

Speaking of myself, I do not know. For I have loved too many people who were nothing like they thought they were, and I have pushed away too many that acted nothing like they truly were.
You see, sometimes I think we are all living in a huge space where each gap between us is filled with misunderstanding. People who are looking forward to see a dream come true, people who are looking on the ground to witness their next safe step, and the ones who are always looking back- I was a bit of all the three, yet I found no answer. Safe wasn’t my space, patience wasn’t my best trait, and the past is my only enemy.

Then it hit me- that maybe that’s what we’re all going through, a little bit of each phase, trying our best to adapt to life that we stop seeing eye to eye. We may want the same things, but we may be on diverse timelines in the same fight.

So do I reset my clock? Or should you learn how to read mine?

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