Some days are better than others.
Hey! Don’t you agree with that?

Some times all that comes your way feels right, it feels everything is set in its place, moments are perfect, people are perfect, I am happy, I am satisfied, everything is according to my wish, all positives. And the little things that are not in my favor are worthless, so not required.

However, on other days everything seems to slip from my hands, it seems as if I am losing every moment, there are consistent tears- sometimes from my eyes, and always from my heart. And the only question that comes to my mind is WHY? And when this WHY comes to my mind, I usually get reminded of the saying,

Don’t ask “Why Me?”, Just say “Try Me..”

But these lines are not enough to stop what’s breaking in my heart!

I am sure many of you might feel the same on dull days like these but I will tell you a secret- whenever I tried to make up my mind not to feel so, I FAILED. I couldn’t stop these dull days from coming, so I’ve accepted them as a part of my life now, and they are a lot easier to handle. I make fun of them while crying with my partner. With tears in my eyes and laughter on my face, I now accept them!

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