I think of you,
I think of her.
Will you leave in November?
I think I miss you now more than ever.
I see visions of you in your hospital gown,
we’re getting closer by the minute now.

Summer is ending,
and come winter, you’ll be gone.
I’m not strong enough to lose you,
are you strong enough to stay?
If you died, I think I would too.
You’d take my heart to the grave with you.
We’re getting closer by the second now.

And the angel,
she wears white.
But she’s clothed in darkness and in fright.
And the angel,
she haunts us in our dreams.

I see you in an incarnation you’ll never be,
85 with your college degree.
We chant incantations,
and try to keep you here,
but our hope is buried in fear.
The end is near.

Are you afraid?
I’m terrified.
Are you aware of what you’re leaving behind?
Can you decide otherwise?
You’re facing the ocean,
and I’m trapped in the tide.
Will the angel take you away tonight?

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