A very thoughtful piece of work, ‘Always’ by Sovern, was released in August 2020. The perfect timing- when everyone is caught up with worries in their lives and the challenges around the pandemic, makes this song hit well with music lovers.

We all have coping mechanisms to deal with problems, some discuss to ease themselves, while some others withdraw and reserve their concerns. This song comes as a reassurance to the one who is perhaps the latter.

Sovern expresses concern and gently questions through the song- what it is that disturbs you that you go hiding, or lose sleep or withhold even when you are with me? Could you please try to tell me, coz even if you don’t show, I can see it all and I promise to never let you down… I will be there for you, ‘Always’!

A soothing rhythm in stunning vocals with promising lyrics and the incredible beat drops make ‘Always’ an addictive song.

Listen to the song here…

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