A creative designer and an educator, I stepped into the field of counselling and therapy two years ago. And today I am glad to have explored the field of ‘Art Based Therapy’ which works wonderfully in processing our emotions which definitely is the need of this hour. It is a tool we can imbibe in our daily lives and observe a slow transformation which ultimately leads to a better understanding of our emotional quotients.

Painting by my Dear Mother, ‘Anu’ which I have decided to use as the logo for ‘Helping Hand’
Painting by my Dear Mother, ‘Anu’ which I have decided to use as the logo for ‘Helping Hand’.

Having worked with artists and designers for the past twenty years, I have noticed that people perform their best when they are in harmony with their surroundings, and it is absolutely human to go through some uncertainty only to reassess the problem and come up with a better solution- and for that, self-awareness is the key.

Rural India or any place representing artistic expression from the hands and minds of people who have either inherited, or acquired the skills from their community, has always remained my inspiration. And as I mentioned above, a mind which is in sync with the surroundings can come up with not only solutions, but discover the untapped creativity we all possess.

Artisans from Dhokra Art Village, MP, India

It could be anyone- from a leader to an educator, a designer or a strategist, a student to an intern, we are at our best when we are in sync with our own selves, and thus, the output is directed towards the welfare of others. In times as such, it doesn’t matter from which field do we belong, but surely there’s a need for creativity in our daily lives. And when I mention creativity, it has got nothing to do with being an artist or a pro, but permutations and combinations of our thoughts to direct us wisely. The more we are self-aware, the better relations do we form with the outer world.

Let’s take a step for ourselves as we celebrate October 10th as #worldmentalhealthday and work towards self-awareness and self-love.

Take Care and Much Love!


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