‘Cry’ is a song by American musician, Daniel Griffith, known by his stage name- Gryffin, and John Martin- a popular Swedish singer and songwriter. The duo co-wrote the song with Michel Zitron and Gary Baker.

This single, premiered in July 2020, features John Martin in the vocals and its video, with Gryffin playing the guitar.

Gryffin, on twitter, called the track “an idea that John Martin and I started in a studio session with the intention of making a timeless dance record.” And truly this song with its power-packed music hit instantly with music and dance freaks.

The song, even as it sends dance feels, is about vulnerability, and would make you look back and think, also, introspect in the moment. So raw in emotions, so warmly depicted in the out-of-the-heart singing and an impactful performance by John Martin, that we would all resonate with this song.

Also what we derive from the song is that it is okay to cry, which is something we all need to gracefully accept in the present challenging times.

Watch the official music video here…

More recently, in September, Gryffin took to twitter to share the new Cry Festival Video, “I’ve been missing you guys a lot lately so my videographer & I decided to make a festival video for Cry dedicated to and starring you, the fans. We wanted this video to give everyone a little hope for better times ahead ❤ 😭” he tweeted.

Watch the Cry (Festival Video) here…

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