‘Nightlight’ is an enchanting single by the renowned American DJ and music producer, Nicholas D. Miller, who we all know as Illenium. Co-written by Annika Wells, and with Annika Wells also lending her spellbinding voice, the song was released in August 2020.

This is Illenium’s first song released in 2020, after a break, since he released his last album, ASCEND, in 2019.

In an interview, Illenium talked what NightLight is about- “It’s a love song, and it’s a peaceful love song, where you’re in the dark going through shit, and you have someone that’s your light at the end of the tunnel, a way out.” He went on further to state, “And hopefully, there’s some news of maybe some life returning next year or something like that, and this music translates to some excitement from that, giving some more life to people who are struggling right now.”

The official music video was released on September 16, 2020. We see a woman, lost, walking alone through a forest in the haunting dark, with lightning at a distance as it thunders and rains. On seeing a firebird above, as she aims to shoot it, it falls gently serving as her nighlight and leading her way through a lake dazzling with hundreds of firebirds, and guiding her through rough stone walkways. The video, depicting the lyrics, and conveying the feels perfectly well, couldn’t have been any better.

Nightlight is high on emotion, beautifully charmed with Annika Wells angelic vocals. And Illenium’s music has a strong, stunning presence through the song, making the track just too addicting. This brilliant piece of art is captivating, perhaps one of his most impressive works. Quite naturally, it has been evoking excitement, happiness, and strong praises from his huge fan base and electronic music lovers.

Watch the official music video here…

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  1. Such a beautiful song and video depicting so much about the lone girl, identity, may be scars, emotions and dreams.

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