Our planet Earth has blessed us with different seasons that we live through each year- autumn, fall, spring, summer, winter…all of which greatly impact our lifestyles. Our behavior and physical activities get affected too. We all go through different experiences in different seasons, so we have our favorite ones too. Seasons change with time, bringing in changing weather and patterns in the day, eventually making our lives run smoothly.

Time and seasons are two components that create memorable moments in people’s lives. People travel around the world in different seasons and share exciting memories with their loved ones. We are all fortunate that we can fulfill our desires!

My favorite seasons are autumn and fall. I love the way leaves change their colors from yellow to orange and fall on the ground. The view is lovely and it feels great to simply admire the beauty of nature.

There is monsoon in India, or what we call the rainy season that typically lasts from June to September. This season is characterized by pleasant weather as winds turn chilly. Indians enjoy spicy and tangy snacks in the evenings around such times. Many adults and children step out of their homes to get themselves drenched and to enjoy some dance in the rain. They feel stress-free and forget everything for those moments. So monsoon is special…especially for Indians.

Seasons make our lives worthwhile making us feel content. Everyone goes through different emotions as seasons light up our moods and they are meaningful in our lives also!


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