It’s the large-hearted that are treated small,
coz the world can’t see them shine.
It’s often the strong ones that are challenged,
coz the world can’t accept theirs might.
It’s the empaths who often suffer,
coz the world likes to suppress the ones that feel more.
It’s the ones that say upfront who are left behind,
coz the world thrives in diplomacy.
It’s the non-judgmental who are questioned,
coz the world judges them for being receptive.
It’s the altruists and uprights that are repressed,
coz the world profits with tricks and manipulation.
It’s not really about us, it’s about the world;
but isn’t it ironic that while we all individually feel adequate and fair,
we are all questioned? Why?
Because it is us fair individuals that make a collectively unfair world.
And if we want to change this world,
can we introspect to change our selves and our outlook.. a little bit?!


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