Beside these busy streets with robust crowd,
I am here sitting under this lonely tree-
dwelling about something;
searching for faces in those dark coppery clouds,
as the sun joins the horizon,
and the moon kisses goodbye to its disguise.
Here these winds bring me the swampness of soil,
as the earthy smell of the grass,
reveals that secret kiss of rain at a distance of few miles.
As I walk towards that garden full of lives,
I see flowers fluttering their petals bright,
cherishing the moments when monsoon arrives.
Humming along the way as the birds chirp,
I put away the thoughts that my mind was speaking aloud;
as I walk around.
I, for once,let the fountain sprinkle over those spooky reveries,
and get my heart adhere to this beautiful background.
Mesmerised by the beauty of nature’s showers,
here i decide,
that tonight I’ll call out to the sky,
to hand me out a falling star,
so I could wish this lushness of nature for myself,
to swindle my thoughts and hide my scars!



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