Occasions are special events that can be enjoyed when celebrated with loved ones. There are plentiful occasions in our lives when we gather to party, such as birthdays, formal dinners, graduations, promotions etc.

We are lucky that we have these reasons in our lives to spread joy. These small moments bring happiness to us and will be cherished in our hearts always. The scale of the events can be large or small, but the purpose is to have fun and make people come closer to each other.

Our lives get exciting and lifestyles are enriched with these occasions; we become vibrant, our lives get charged positively when we laugh and smile with our precious circle of family and friends and forget our worries for some time. It is like a reunion where people get to meet each who have not met for ages.

Today, we are in different times. In the challenges posed by COVID-19, we cannot meet our loved ones or have gatherings to celebrate occasions like we normally would. We have reached a stage where our touch or proximity might harm the other, we live in constant fear, where no one can assure that we would not be affected.

These times are unpredictable, and life is too confusing too. We hope and pray that this gets over soon. Times will change and we will be able to have special events again too!


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  1. I really miss my family, cousins and friends.. but you’re Absolutely right Richa, we need to hold it together and stay patient. Lets pray for this virus to disappear soon 🙏🏻💪🏻

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