I’m writing you a letter,
like I always do,
when you fall apart on Sunday afternoons.

Monday night,
it was raining when I texted you.
I couldn’t quite understand how my body was here,
but my soul was with you.
Little things are like glue,
always keeping us together.
And no one really knows me better than you do.

Tuesday morning came around,
left my voice without a sound,
yet you could hear me,
yelling from the balcony,
calling you out in agony.
I can always count on you to understand me.

Wednesday afternoon I let myself drown,
you were there to rescue me.
All these years have come and gone,
but our friendship still stands strong.

Thursday night I saw everything,
in black and white,
you were the only color I could see.
You are like my guardian angel,
never letting go of me.
I love you dearly.

Friday morning came around,
I took the time to write this,
and tell you that I’m proud of you.
I thought you should know-
that the world would not be the same without your smile,
that nothing would be better if I didn’t receive letters from you.

Saturday night I couldn’t fall asleep,
I feared that the demons would come back to haunt me.
I heard my own voice let out a scream,
I felt your hand reach down to comfort me.
And when I look at you, I see all the best parts of me!

I’m writing you a letter,
like I always do!



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  1. A beautifully woven letter, flowing straight from the heart and putting in the open all the emotions.

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