People often ask me, “Why Gwangbok? Why not something less complicated and easier to pronounce?” Human kvetch or perhaps some sincere inquisitive minds lurking for an answer.

I take a few breaths,  and with a slight grin on my face, I am ready for words to descend, “It’s a Korean name, adapted from a lesser-known YouTube channel which I fancy and follows religiously.”

Life was never the same, ever since she arrived…or let me say ‘crash-landed’ with a supersonic thrust. I was completely swayed by her presence- from watching her grow to feeding, cleaning, and nurturing her. We naturally bonded, never really having any dull moments. “She is arguably way too pampered and spoiled for a cat family”, asserted a close pal of mine.

Nevertheless, Poppo, as I called her lovingly, was the very reason of my existence. She was like a friend in whom I confided my deepest secrets and silent wraths. Every little thing- from her tiny pinkish toe, to her purring and gliding her body slightly touching my skin made me feel the depth of her affection. My chest was her forever resting bed, she would climb gently and seek a warm rub underneath her neck. On some days she would take a nap on the floor stretching her body with inexplicable flexibility as I would watch in amazement.

If it were not for these little moments and especially her silent presence, certainly my days would have been lonelier. Time is the biggest healer and comforter, and with time I learned to forgive and to care more. Having a pet definitely changed my life for good and I suggest, you do the same. I would never want to trade her for anything in this world.

Now my Gwang is a mother of a week old kitten whose name is yet to be decided. Wondering if anyone would care to drop a name for my little kitten?!

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