‘Cardigan’ is a song by American pop singer-songwriter Taylor Swift for her latest studio album, ‘Folklore’ premiered on July 24, 2020. The song is co-written by Aaron Dessner. The song is a soothing romance tale that sadly ends in a break-up. Featuring Swift, the video beautifully depicts the transitions in the relationship as is narrated through the lyrics- at the opening of the song in the cozy comfort of a cottage in the woods representing warm, magical, beautiful beginnings; in the stormy sea suggestive of isolation, darkness, and fear, and further on towards the end when she returns back, indicating a return to self after the loss of the relationship. The transportation from each situation to the other through the magical portal is unusual yet visually charming.

Five hours of penning the lyrics, a day and a half of indoor shoot with innovative filming techniques and considerable extra effort by each one involved in following protocol, calculated measures for safety amid the pandemic gave us this classy masterpiece- a song with a dreamy, poetic feel in the lyrics and sound, also in the visuals across the three sets, be it in the costume or the aesthetics.

Watch the song here….

An acoustic version of the song, titled Cardigan “Cabin in Candlelight”, features behind the scenes footage of the album shoot for ‘Folklore’. This version was unveiled on July 30, 2020.

Watch the acoustic version here….

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