Living in the past- For some, it’s a part of their healing process, and for some others, it’s a chronic illness. But the fact is, that in both cases, it is not gonna ease you completely too soon. It takes time to forget…not to forget, to sedate those past moments. Maybe your past is really good to remember, or maybe the other way around.

So here I would like to share my views on this. Past is past, it is gone. You have to move on in life. Do not be stuck in one place. You are so capable, so talented- activate your creative side, get it out from the place inside you.. where you have been hiding it for so long. Pursue your passion, and thereafter, think about how you should employ your free time to some other worthwhile activities.

We have a long way to go, life is not over yet. Somewhere, something and someone is waiting for you. Just shut your eyes and take a deep breath. Now you might see your destination, goals. There is no time to waste. Charge yourself and start now. It may take seconds to years, but I am sure the outcome will be amazing. Because I really believe you are capable, you are awesome….You really are!!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing about it. I made conscious effort since last year moving out of those days, helped by a friend and we need to conquer, setting self free.

    1. One day we all reach our destination. When nothing can beat our success 💪….be confident always

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