Uncalled travel, lives up to everybody’s expectations, because they don’t give you time for any arrangements and setup (Thankfully, I rescued my wallet from buying never-ending duty-free chocolates for relatives, who never stop asking for them).

Anyway, this was again in Singapore (the way they sing in unison, Singaaa-puraaa). Last I witnessed Christmas there, in 2016. I can’t stop appreciating this country for its basic amenities, things that we crave for in India. It’s bloody organized, well structured and very secured as a nation. The only drawback I see (though this is only for me), is my oily skin in Singapore’s insane humidity, it sucks. No sarcasm!

Back to how and why I call this an “uncalled” travel. It was, like always, a not-so-soothing Monday morning, with work all around me and my team in parallel conversations for a task, another task, and yet another task. Later, in the evening, I got a call and the blues started fading away, it was work, and work for “Singa”. Office calls can be sometimes fun, right? (giggles)..

Without further ado, I applied for visa. On the third day after application, I learned that I was granted the visa and this news brought a million-dollar smile on my face – it was an achievement. YES, it was!!!

I was fortunate to have my blood connections in Singapore, so I could extend my stay- the best way to save on pocket and relations. Had it been a different destination, I would have probably only finished my work and returned.

Day 1:
Friday gave me all reasons for it to be Friyay. After recklessly wrapping my work, I was whisking in excitement to now unfold those hazy corners of this beautiful country. I had never tried a beach outing for dinner. And there I was, with a friend who had promised a long stroll. It was raining awfully, but we managed our asses to get there, to OLA BEACH- a beach house club in the Sentosa Island property. Facing the beach, with beautiful dimmed lights all around, playing light music.

Day 2:
It was a joyful city ride. Started from Bukit Batok, boarded a bus for Orchard Road and I began checking out the unconventional corners. By the way, Orchard Road is a strongly recommended tourist spot and an upmarket place in the country. If you wish to eye on the never heard of luxury brands, this could be your pitstop.

The whole street is almost entirely dedicated to shopping. Orchard Road is a must-visit location for those looking for a bit of retail therapy. The wide avenue is lined with a host of shopping centres– from the original Chinese emporiums, to modern mega-malls made from steel and glass. Singapore is predominantly a mall country, with a handful of boutiques amongst them.

I made sure to check these brands from a distance, and just explored this road, full of life.

Day 3:
Marina Bay Sands- I spent half the time of the day hereafter when I finally got some time off the office and hopped on to a family outing. Did some touristy stuff at the “Little India” market, had coconut water (nothing extraordinary about it, except for the price- some 3 USD), got ourselves clicked, shopped, and finally sat for some Indian food and sweets. Later we all parted for our evening commitments.

In Marina Bay Sands, the best place to grasp the size of gardens by the bay is from the top of Marina Bay Sands, which sits directly opposite the park. Getting here is easy, either via walkways from the hotel (giving you an elevated view of the gardens) or by taking the slightly longer riverside promenade to enter the park near the two domes. You can just let yourself dive in here.

It’s quite fancy- Singapore, and its people. I was roaming and enjoying the city ride and didn’t realize that it was quarter past ten. We rushed to the nearest bus stop for Bukit Batok. It took us 60 minutes to get there.

I had no intention to get back home, that’s the kind of magic this place does to you. As they say, all good things come to an end, so was this one.

There are hell lotsa adventurous and amazing stories that I can share about “Universal Studios” as well, but I won’t be running you through them- I want you to go and make your own story!

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