We have all failed in ‘something’ in this world, at some time or other. It must be at anything, or at any age, but yes, we have gone through failures. It could be a tween losing a school competition, a teen having a tough time, an adult struggling with the job- we all go through failures, isn’t it?
So why do we fear them?
Doubting our performance and dreading tomorrow’s result, we demotivate ourselves today. We do know that if we won’t fail, we won’t value our success, is it not?

While all of these thoughts are considered negative or depressing, deep inside I think, failure is not so bad. It’s quite necessary.

We celebrate our successes but sulk every time we fail. I say why don’t we start to cherish failures as well, and tell ourselves that it is not yet the end of us. I don’t imply that we can go easy, or we shouldn’t try to achieve what we dream. We have to give our best, but then, after that if we fail, we shouldn’t lose courage thinking that we didn’t do it properly because if we would have, we wouldn’t have failed. So, giving it our all, and the hard work too, we should have a plan B before we go ahead.

Remember, stars shine only in darkness.
Also, don’t we all know that FAILURE IS ONLY A  STEPPING STONE TO SUCCESS?!



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