‘Malang’ is the title track of Mohit Suri’s film, ‘Malang- Unleash the Madness’, a romantic action (revenge) thriller, that was released in February 2020. The song was written by Kunaal Vermaa and Harsh Limbachiya, composed and sung by Ved Sharma, programmed and arranged by DJ Phukan & Akull who beautifully gave it an EDM texture.

Malang literally means faqir, a vagrant. It is a commonly used word for a Sufi saint- a person who is devoid of attachment and attraction for worldly things. In the context of this song, the word Malang connotes someone who’s free-spirited, living life with a carefree attitude.

The song is filmed on the lead pair- Aditya Roy Kapur (Advait) and Disha Patani (Sara). Advait is an unperturbed, happy-go-lucky guy, who packs his belongings and leaves Mumbai to visit Goa. We see how he gives away a carton box of photo frames (perhaps memories of his family) for disposal suggesting that he is giving up on attachments/ relations. And Sara is a free spirited, soft hearted girl. We see her give away her laptop and mobile phone to a poor, blind man sitting along the street before she leaves another country to board a flight to Goa.

They cross paths unknowingly and finally bump into each other at a rave music party where they instantly bond and fall for each other. We see how Advait is pulled towards her and they get intimate at the beach. From there on begin their days of thrill and romance when both indulge in each other, travel, and party together. Their chemistry looks magically powerful and deep.

The song narrates the feelings that Advait goes through, where he says that I have been living life in recluse- like a wanderer with no strings attached, not knowing where the journey would take me. But now I have found myself after I found you within. And I am so charmed by you that despite being a non-believer, you have become my religion and I worship you.

This love song is a visual charm packed with powerful music and trippy feels making it addictive. Watch the song here….

Another version of the song- ‘Hui Malang’, the female version, sung by Asees Kaur has a stage setup where we see Sara singing the song. Her sizzling dance moves, and glimpses of the fight scenes where Advait can be seen taking revenge, make this song a captivating one.

Watch the female version here….

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