Nature is one of the principal characteristics we look in people to know them better. We build suitable relationships once we are aware of their true nature. On the other hand, feelings are emotions that make people interact with others.

People are examined by their feelings and nature in this world. They have different ways of expressing their reactions too. We are fortunate that we can share them with our loved ones.

It is vital that we respect everyone’s feelings and understand them because every human being is right in their own way. There are several people who complicate situations for others because they do not value their feelings, and in the end, destroy their bonds with each other. It is human nature to either grow all ties or break them apart. We are all unpredictable and negligent in sustaining our relations.

Overall, feelings and nature describe our personality, lifestyle, and capability in dealing with relationships!

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  1. “We are all unpredictable and negligent in sustaining our relations“ 👏🏻 👏🏻 On point

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