As I check my email for the umpteenth time for mails from recruiters, I feel my heart beating faster. I see there are seven recruiters who have “shown interest in my profile”. Sadly, none of the seven have called me yet. The speed at which my heart was beating a while ago, has lessened considerably, and I detect a slight feeling of dejection creeping within.

Had this happened a few months ago, I would have put my phone aside, buried my face into my pillow, and wept for a while; even cursed the Universe for things not working out for me, and labeled myself a “loser”.

Honestly, after blogging for almost seven years, I yearn for some paid writing gigs; I despair thinking, “will something work out for me?!”

However, from all that I have grasped about life and its uncertainty during some quiet moments of reflection, the lack of any recruiter mails in my inbox doesn’t stifle my spirit the way it used to, earlier.

“It’s okay,” I assure myself. “If not today, then someday, for sure. You WILL make it, dear girl!.” I repeat to myself and get on with life.

The feeling of dejection is dangerous, especially for an unoccupied mind. With so much space, so little activity to keep one engrossed, and so much happening around, it can be difficult to kick this feeling aside and focus on positivity.

But whatever I learned about life- the feelings of rejection, dejection, and focus…I learned all of it from precisely the same things… life, rejection, dejection, and focus. Sharing some here…

An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Workshop:  
This proverb we learned during school comes in handy in our adulthood. It’s paramount that we always keep our mind occupied; keep ourselves busy and active. Be it by pursuing a hobby, reading books, sharing our thoughts with our friends, or jotting it all down to get a clear perspective on life.

It’s very necessary that we make sure we don’t allow any space for any negativity to seep into our minds.

I make artwork, try my hand at fiction writing, and work on personal essays. Honing my skills, learning new ways to express myself keeps me occupied and helps to develop a positive frame of mind.

Be your own Cheerleader:
How and what we say to ourselves has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves. Say good things to yourself, especially during sad moments.

Tell yourself how well you are trying, how strong you are, and how you will get through the tough times. Yes, there will be times when you would want to wallow in self-pity, and drown into your own tears. It’s OKAY, really, to do even that, but just for a short while. Pull yourself out of this mode and change your mindset, ASAP.

Talk to someone; seek advice, or even counseling from someone qualified. It helps tremendously.

Times Change:
Nothing lasts forever. Life is changing every moment. What you go through today, you wouldn’t face tomorrow, or perhaps some days from now. Things will change. Times will change. For, change is the only constant. Don’t seasons change? Well, so does life. Trust the process, however much grueling it seems, however much patience it tests, trust that the present will change into the past, and a future will come that will fulfill your dreams.

And, finally, do not let people’s success stories make you feel like a loser. They, who brag about how they made it big, began at the same place you find yourself in today. Compare yourself with where you were two years ago, and you will see how much you have progressed in life.

Doing so will help you see how your life is advancing step by step, the way it should. We never succeed in life by leaps and bounds as much as we do step by step, one small step at a time!

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  1. So motivating Andrea. I’ve been through rejections and mean it’s super easy to let negativity flow but we need to believe and stop comparing. Like a friend told me today, it’s essential tp BUILD YOUR CORE, It’s important.

  2. I am very familiar with rejections and the associated disintegrating feeling that my soul goes through every single time. These are some valuable tips, Shilpa. Talking to friends who can understand this soul crushing feeling is a great booster for me. 🙂
    Your future employer has to wait to turn their luck wheels to hire you, Shilpa – until then you are your boss. 🙂

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