‘Catch & Release’ is a single by American singer-songwriter Mathew Griffith Simons (Matt Simons). Co-written by Erik Olof Mattaison, the song was released in September 2014.

This is an amazingly soothing song even when it talks about coping mechanisms through the struggles in our lives.

“There’s a place I go to,
where no one knows me,
it’s not lonely
it’s a necessary thing
it’s a place I made up
find out what I’m made of
the nights are stayed up
counting stars and fighting sleep”

In the above words, Simons talks about going to a place where he is all by himself, yet it is not lonely…where he can be himself and find comfort in self-reflection even in the dark.

Further on, in the next verses, he adds that he is so readily absorbed there, that he flows in the place having no sense of time, uncovering the hidden parts in himself that help him tread ahead. And just like he feels self-aware, he says everyone goes through challenges and finds their own ways to release and deal with them to find peace. We’re all just “catching and releasing”- in a state of being aware and then letting go all that happens throughout the day, ultimately cleansing ourselves to be able to love!

Catch and Release resonates with each one of us, the song having a deep meaning with its mindfulness connotation.

Watch the song here….

A remix version of ‘Catch and Release’ by Falco van den Aker- a Dutch house DJ and producer, who we popularly know as Deepend, was released in March 2015. This remix lead Deepend to achieve international recognition with music fanatics finding greater appeal and the dance community to find a song with such deep meaning.

Watch the Deepend remix video here….

And also the official lyric video as well….

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