‘Line of Sight’ is a single by Seattle based electronic music duo, Harrison Gordon Mills (Catacombkid) and Clayton Joseph Knight (BeachesBeaches)- members of the band ODESZA that was formed in 2012. The song is co-written by Alexander James Nicholls, Lachlan Bostock, Jack Froggatt (the three members of the Australian band Mansionair), Rory Andrew (aka WYNNE), and Louis Russell Bell.

Line of Sight is a part of ODESZA’s 2017 album- A Moment Apart. The song features the artists WYNNE for the high pitched vocals in the lead, and Mansionair for the backing vocals, making it a catchy one.

It took over three days to shoot the video for the song on the island Kauai, in Hawaii. The video, directed by Dan Brown, narrates a story about an unusual friendship that a young boy develops with a robot.


The song opens to this lone boy, laying on an old vehicle, waking up and walking across a dense jungle perhaps trying to find his way out. He shelters himself from the chaos of enemy robots and spaceships that he sees at a close distance, until the time he lands himself in a dilapidated workshop to discover a robot at rest which he successfully brings to function. They come together to take on the road ahead- with the robot guarding and nurturing, instilling a feeling of hope and positivity in the little boy. We see how the look in the boy’s eyes changes from fear to wonder as he feels secure in companionship, watching around and feeling the beauty of nature, while the robot lovingly looks at him. But this bliss is only short-lived. When an enemy robot fires at them, the robot while protecting the boy, is seriously injured. Somehow, it makes it to the boy and attempts to help him even as it dies. The video is saddening towards the end, but conveys that in unsettling times, when the going gets tough, by sticking with deep connections and truthful friendships, we can make it too.

I particularly admire Brown’s imagination in showing emotion- a human trait, so beautifully in a robot. So for me, another takeaway from the sci-fi video is that if robots can feel and care, what stops us from guarding our ilk?!

The lyrics suggest that Line of Sight is a plea for help and an expression of faith, which we clearly feel in the story illustrated in the video. The song was nominated for Best Dance Recording at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards in 2018.

A powerful, uplifting message, energetic sounds by ODESZA, the melodic, infectious vocals by WYNNE and Mansionair, and Brown’s inspiring storyline backed by a cinematic video experience makes Line of Sight a treat for music lovers.

Watch the original song here…

And do listen to the reprise version as well….

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  1. Thanks for sharing everything from the concept to the making. Isn’t it true about us humans or animals when we see someone helping or protecting us against the forces of evil. As humans, we need to protect rather than destroy souls. It matters.

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