‘Crossfire’ by Stephen Michael Swartz- Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, is about the mess we are as a society. Co-written by Graham Andrew Muron, the song was released in April 2016 as part of Stephen’s debut album “Sincerely”.

Everyday in our lives, we see people around us suffering, and in pain- from injustice, brutalities in a harsh, unjust society. Tyranny and suppression have been normalized. How many of us step in or even question? Don’t we all just carry on with our smooth lives, because it doesn’t affect us?

This is what the song is about- the present situation of crisis in the world. The video is beautifully symbolic of us all- people turning a blind eye to our ruthless systems. And then, when someone steps in to open our eyes, he is somehow silenced too. We see the cast in the video- blindfolded (have white pieces of cloth tied on their eyes) as they continue with their daily lives and businesses, and one person carrying a burning torch, trying to open people’s eyes, who eventually is accidentally killed by a police officer as the offender escapes.

Very well crafted lyrics conveying that the ones that suffer at the hands of sinners that play saints, the ones caught in the crossfire, would only find refuge in heaven, because the privileged are reveling in their bounty or asleep in their comfort.

‘Crossfire’ is a thought-provoking piece with captivating music and a hugely important message. This song should make us all introspect.

Watch the video here…

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