Ever felt butterflies in your stomach thinking about a special someone? Ever fell in love?
If yes, you would sense the exact feels and enjoy ‘Bubbly’- a single by Californian singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat, co-written by Jason Reeves, released in May 2007.

‘Bubbly’ is a song about being in love. In an interview, Colbie had shared that the inspiration for the song came in when she realised she didn’t have a crush on anyone. And thinking it must be fun, and wanting to go through those feelings (even not having a crush/ lover) she penned this song. So this song comes only from Colbie’s imagination. And I think no one could have expressed it any better.

The song starts with gentle guitar strumming and soft vocals by Colbie where she narrates how it must feel to experience love. She goes through a tingly feeling on seeing his ‘bubbly’ face and some sensation in her toes and nose. Thinking about him makes her smile, she imagines being in his arms, feeling his warmth, and says (in a very childlike innocence) that she feels safe in his presence. The feels change in her narration as her imagination gets intense. From physical reactions to feeling safe and secure with him to falling for him and sensing deep intimacy.

Colbie shared that she wrote the song in just 20 minutes- it came out naturally, perhaps which is why ‘Bubbly’ sounds like a totally out-of-the-heart narration and made it to top of the charts worldwide.

The song was filmed in Malibu and Santa Barbara, with some shots of a home and some outside, in sunny locations amid golden fields. She is filmed driving and later walking slowly as she smiles and sings through the song.

A sweet, melodious, and refreshing song that flows easily and effortlessly having positive overtones exhibiting pure love, ‘Bubbly’ will make you feel blissfully happy thinking about the one you love, going through every emotion.

Watch the song here…

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  1. The song is beautifully and listening to it can stir our creative bubble (y). Thanks for the share:)

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