Little Fashion Tips


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These days, everyone including youngsters follows new fashion trends across the world. They love to look for the latest styles that are available to them, no matter what they are, or whether they can carry them well. Everyone keeps running to buy what people say to them about fashion and they do not think once about the money being wasted on things which do not suit them in the future. Fashion should be done in a way that matches with one’s personality. We should create our own fashion rather than replicate others.

Fashion tips:

  • Dress in what looks best on you.
  • Buy cosmetics that match your skin tone.
  • Decide for yourself when you should stop using styles, rather than someone telling you what’s outdated.
  • Once you make purchases, use them wisely. Do not waste them.
  • Check the expiry dates of products before buying.
  • Do not buy things unless you have researched about them.
  • Be alert with all beauty products because some products can harm your body and skin.
  • Follow the instructions that are shared in the guide, do not use your own technique.
  • Buy clothes that you like, instead of simply following choices made by your friends or family members.
  • Value your money and other resources because not everyone is as privileged as you.

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These are fashion tips that will help you decide your fashion and guide you to have a great lifestyle. We should pursue these techniques because they will be beneficial to us, also in our future. Fashion comes with yourself, not with others!


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      Loved your article Richa….keep it up ♥️

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    Words of wisdom!

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    Keep up the good work!

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    Accurate tips 😉 keep it up Richa
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    What a beautiful mind 💛

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    Wonderful Richa.. and so truthful!✨

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