‘Runaway’ is an enchanting single by Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora Aksnes who we widely know as AURORA. The song, co-written by Skylstad Magnus Aserud, was officially released in February 2015.

This song is largely about awakening- an urge to find a feeling of home. AURORA gives good significance to the elements of nature and displays depth in her thoughts as she sings through- about listening to the ocean, seeing a face in the sand that slips out of hand, climbing trees to see a piece of heaven below, running away from the world, finding happiness in dancing in the rain, the mystery behind her painting a picture, wishing to leave sorrow behind, trying to search for a soft place to fall, a place where she belongs- home!

It is interesting to note that this kind of yearning that people feel in their later years of life, Aurora felt at a tender age of 11 and she expressed it in writing ‘Runaway’. I really wonder, and if you listen to the song, you will be stunned too- how someone could even feel so deeply at that age when kids find excitement in play and fun?!

About the lyrics, she said in an interview, “It’s quite funny because the older I got, the more it made sense to me. It touched my heart, and now it reminds me of things that happened after I wrote it. It was kind of like a gift to myself.”

‘Runaway’ lends an ethereal vibe. The music in the song complements in a way that highlights the bewitching vocals- perfectly pitched, clear, and magical. The video was shot on an extremely cold day, in the middle of snow where AURORA stood for a couple of hours. She shared in an interview that it was a challenge- standing there in extreme cold, with the little clothes she had, but she did feel nice as she forgot where she was.

Everything put together, ‘Runaway’ is pure and illuminating. AURORA’s search to seek home and an ultimate longing for inner joy and peace will certainly move you too.

Watch the song here…

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