It’s the first day of July, celebrated every year as National Doctor’s Day in India. And today- more than ever before, we realize and respect these noble warriors. Amid this lockdown, as most of us are gathering our day in the safety of our homes, at this moment, doctors from all across the world are on their toes, risking their lives, fighting at the forefront the toughest battle the world is faced with, with all their might and time. Perhaps not even realizing what day, date or time it is.

We’ve been hearing their heroic stories every single day since the past few months- serving the needy even despite lack of safety gear, even with inadequate infrastructure and resources- round the clock, staying in hospitals, unable to meet their near and dear ones for days at stretch, at the cost of risking their own lives. Many doctors have offered their free consultation services online so as to avoid exposing the patients suffering from other ailments to this deadly virus. Also we have lost many of our health warriors during this time. What do we say, we are all in awe of their nobility, their unparalleled commitment and contribution in the service of humanity.

doctors day

So at first, we wish to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to all you selfless and dedicated professionals, for your tireless toil, for lending your relentless service with unwavering commitment & compassion. Your effort, care, concern and contribution is unfathomable. Also this write-up is a small tribute to all the brave ones who have lost their lives in helping others. We are at a huge loss, really. And if you are a doctor, and you are reading this, please be aware that each one of you receive special blessings and love, more from all the ones you have helped and healed.

And for us, while we cannot heal the ones suffering, we can surely help our doctors in some small, indirect ways. So let us-

  • Follow the safety precautions- wearing masks, gloves or safety gear as prescribed, step out only if needed, maintain social distancing.
  • Guard our own health and safety. Have healthy foods- a diet that enriches our immunity and builds us to be able to fight illnesses.
  • Pop in our pills as prescribed (if we have a health condition) so as to avoid any preventable health issues, avoid exposing ourselves and others to further risks or increase the inflow of patients for the health workers.
  • Not disturb the health professionals with unwarranted or unreasonable calls so they can attend to more important issues, or have some needed rest.

We must understand that this is least we can do. Perhaps our small contribution and support might go a long way and help in making it easier for all health professionals in handling this crisis.

And once again, to all the health professionals- gratitude, love and respect! ❤

GREG RAKOZY xxxx xxxxx
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