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‘Castle on the Hill’ is a song by Edward Christopher Sheeran (popularly known as Ed Sheeran) co-written by Benjamin Joseph Levin. This single was released in January 2017.

In the song, as he travels back to his British hometown- Suffolk, Ed Sheeran shares instances from his growing up years taking you through events and places in his life right from his childhood; from breaking his leg to making friends and losing them, the smoking, getting drunk and throwing up, his first kiss and weekend jobs.

He uses imagery to create a nostalgic emotion when he talks about the sweet perfume of the mountain grass, the roaring fields, the sunsets over the castle on the hill, running through backfields.

He recalls all the times that are now beautiful memories. What is pleasing is that Sheeran gives the whole narration a positive tone in the lyrics- the music and the video being in-sync with that vibe. You will see that even as he narrates an experience that gets him into trouble, he remembers something worthwhile that overshadows the agony, making him smile and cherish the experience.

All in all, Castle on the Hill is looking back and being fondly grateful for the lessons learned, reminiscing people, places, and times.

The song will resonate with most of us, perhaps making us revisit our good old days.

Watch it here…

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