Wearing seduction as her armour, she set out in wonder for her walk, drawing him towards her by her magical pull, from the confines of the dark clouds he securely wore as his attire, like a snake charmer gets a snake rise and dance to his melodies.

Enchanted by her- “Who are you?”, he asked.
Extending her touch- “Where were you?”, she questioned.

None got an answer until their souls entwined. They clicked instantly sharing moments of elation. Ecstatic- dancing to each others tunes, flowing rhythmically into each other endlessly- in trance; in a way that none could differentiate one from the other, such felt their connect- deep, intense and magical.

He was a selfless beau, and she was his stairway to sanity, giving him a ray of hope. He had found some meaning in life, someone to look forward to, while she found a graceful giver of ever-flowing love. He was immensely loyal, passionate, devoted to her. She fell for his unwavering commitment and in reciprocation surrendered wholly- baring herself completely in mind and body!

GREG RAKOZY xxxx xxxxx
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